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Interview: Mistress Marta

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You work as a ProMistress - how did it start - how have you discovered this special kind of sexuality?

I have always been leading in the relationships. There could be only two possible ways – my way and no way. It starts interesting for me quite early to manipulate men’s behavior. How far can I go and how far can they go for me…. What are the buttons in men’s psychology to control them.

I had no idea about BDSM that time. But later on I met girls who introduced me into BDSM, and it was so wonderful!

What is the “kick” for you in dominating men ?

Get emotions through the power and pain. They are absolutely true emotions that have no comparison to “normal life ” emotions.

Where do you see yourself? As classical strict mistress - or more the bizzare play lady ?

As a classical strict Mistress.

You don’t hide your face like other - What was the reaction of people in your “private” life about your job?

All of my close friends are dedicated into my habits and they respect it.

At which places / locations are meetings with you possible - and how you decide where to go ?

Possible location – is a good commercial dungeon nicely equipped with all necessary staff. To decide where to go is very easy – I should like the place and the play partner .

Which of these place is your favorite spot and why?

My favorites which I absolutely adore are: Das Domizil der Grafine, Panic Room Hamburg, Passion Rooms Hannover. Because of their unique style of course.

Have their even bee play partner that you denied - and why?

Of course there have been play partners I’ve denied. If they behave rude, trying to bargain, too young, do not know quite clear what they want.

By now you can look back on several years in this business - have you noticed any changes in the business ? Which changes are you keen on ?

The main change was the change in clients after issuing “Fifty Shades of Grey”. From one hand there become more people interested to “taste”. From the other the portion of true lovers of pain and submission drastically reduced.

Can you tell us anything about BDSM Scene in other countries, for example in Eastern Europe, in General? Different from Germany ?

I travel many countries and can tell you that in General there is no big difference. Maybe because Germany is a trendsetter in this area and others simply more or less copying Germany style. However of course in Eastern Europe it is less developed by volume but by quality of people involved you probably can find big enthusiasts of BDSM there.

Will you give us a short view on the “private” Marta? What to you like / do in your freetime ?

I like good reading: fantasy, psychology and esoteric; painting , arthouse movies , yoga, fitness and sports. I am strictly against alcohol and drugs as consider this staff degrading the personality.

Special Plans for the future ?

To make a BDSM fiction movie.

Any special words that you want to tell our readers ?

Life is short, do what you feel you like to do – this is the shortest way to realize your destiny.

Mistress Marta





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