Dungeon Underground
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Dungeon Underground

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BDSM is a form of erotic preferences and personal relationships that include consent to the use of bonds, the intense stimulation of senses and power exchange.

For some is only a few hours of play but for many of us it is our lifestyle.

Perfect bdsm scene are consent, knowledge-experience (to avoid injuries, mental or physical) and an appropriate environment.

How could you have a perfect session without the right environment? How can you make your fantasies come true without the perfect place?

It is a fact that the creation of a space represent the personality and the experiences of the person that made it.

​For Mistress Alexandra there is only one way and it is perfection. Nothing else.
So the Dungeon Underground was build.

The UNDERGROUND dungeon is 310 sqm, 3300 square feet. Fully equipped with many different rooms.

A dungeon that represent Her, covering not only Her needs and fantasies but also the most demanding visitor.

Now even your most hiddeen fantasy will find the perfect space to be accomplished.

​A distinct entrance. What you see from the outside, does not prevent you from what you're going to have inside.

As soon as you open the door and enter... Things changes.
Steps that makes you feel entering a real dungeon.
And then you will be lost in the image that you have in front of you.

A huge space with bdsm gear and accessories that will cover even the most demanding fantasies.
The throne room, a room for a lady like the Mistress Alexandra can only have the best quality antiques, and a throne with special place for you under Her feet. An image that it will make you feel like living in a dream and bringing you even more close to the sub space.

The bar. A really huge bar. Who knows, it can be a spot where you can do a roleplay.

Behind you is the "pet room". The beloved pet is covered with grass so you can feel a real pet. Restrains for the horse, even a saddle from 1945 for the ' ' best horses ' '

The ' ' Sissy Room ' ' in which you will find a full gardarobe with clothes, whigs, shoes, make up, underwear, a huge collection of strap on and much more.

If your fantasy was your teacher, there is a school waiting for you to be that naughty school girl you always imagined . This can also be transformed into a Hall court meeting.

A door that leads you to the isolation room where you will wait until the trial is done.

Of course, it could not miss the holding cell in which you can be imprisoned even an entire evening, or even the latex bed that can be imposed for your punishment, for your full immobilization.

The Medical Room. Features was written a comment "Neither a hospital have such equipment." Medical chair, examination bench and vaginal ultrasound, UV lamp to disinfect the medical tools, sunding, needls, chathethir

Shower room and WC with towels and flip .

And then, using the key that was given to you , unlock your personal locker to get your clothes and items.

One thing is sure, that the stairs will feel endless because all your physical and mental strength will be handed over to Mistress Alexandra.

The only thing you'll crave for is the time to come to give yourself again to Her .

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